data analysis and solutions

for the modern organisation

Visualising your business potential


Data can answer many business decisions and provide certainty. Technology makes this process more efficient and saves labour, leaving you free to focus on the decisions that are harder to quantify. WIZZDIM partners with clients to harness their data and maximise its use. We will help you adopt a data driven decision-making culture that will improve the stability and profitability of your business.


Business intelligence with tangible ROI

Unlike other vendors we don't shy away from demonstrating the value of business intelligence. WIZZDIM provide a personalised roadmap to extract maximum value from your existing BI investment (any Oracle, SAP, Microsoft or IBM product). 

Mapping out your BI
Letting the data make the big decisions

DATA in the hands of decision makers 

BI, ERP, business analytics, big data, forget the jargon. There is data and a set of interrelated tools and processes; processes that increasingly involve actors outside the IT department. Data literacy is valuable throughout the workforce - from those creating data automatically from their day-to-day activities to those with responsibility for making tough decisions. WIZZDIM believe it is these people who power business intelligence.