The WIZZDIM Approach

A data-driven organisation does more than record data. They use it to recognise why they have been successful, what to avoid and how to grow.  You must empower your team, understand your operation and embrace technology. If you agree, contact us at the bottom of this page.

De-mystifying Business Intelligence


BI, Enterprise Resource Planning, big data, self-service, data discovery, performance management, forget the jargon. There are few universally accepted definitions so we don't pretend there are clear borders. What there is is data and a set of interrelated business tools and processes. We believe everyone benefits from a closer working relationship with data. We need less data experts and more data users. By empowering people throughout the company, efficiencies can be created and the ROI promise realised. BI is not a one-time activity, it has to develop with your needs to stay relevant and give your workforce the power to create innovation.


"WIZZDIM will grow with you, providing value year after year, so it's important we share the same vision."

2 Story gathering

To determine what action will deliver the best return on investment for you we need to see the full context. Story gathering begins by understanding what your organisation wants to achieve and doesn't end until the full picture is clear. Every person who sits in front of a computer contributes to your organisational data creation or use. By understanding the day-to-day stories of your company we can understand the true impact of what we do. If data is to be used to make decisions on resource allocation, budget and personnel we have to be certain you have access to the whole story. When done properly – with The WIZZDIM Approach – this process will highlight a wealth of corporate knowledge you can use before any software is turned on.

Story gathering


Business is a machine made out of people. People will always be your most valuable resource and technology can empower them to achieve more. You trust you have employed the right people for the job and so do we. By providing educational support even the least technically minded employee can think of ways that technology could improve their work process. 


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